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Special Home Care - Relax Pack 1

Special Home Care - Relax Pack 1

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Gift Pack 1 is a beautiful selection of Lyndoch Lavender Farm products essential for refreshing your environment anincludes: 

English Lavender Pure Essential Oil (L. angustifolia) -  has so many uses and has beautiful sweet perfume.   (12ml)

Lavender Liquid Soap - a perfumed pearly liquid soap is not just for the hands, it is soft, smooth & fabulous for the bath or shower.   (275ml)

Lavender Air Freshener - A long lasting lavender fresh perfume to eliminate odours and impart a fresh, clean fragrance in the air. Useful in cars as well as the home or office. Also perfect as a surface sanitiser with 75% alcohol.   (275ml)

Lavender Embroidered Face-Washer - a pretty addition to any bathroom

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