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Special Home Care - Relax Pack 3

Special Home Care - Relax Pack 3

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Gift Pack 3 is a beautiful selection of Lyndoch Lavender Farm products essential for relaxing at home, anincludes: 

Lavender Flower Soap  - A refined yet simple olive oil soap with the dried lavender flowers for that extra special touch.

Lavender Bath and Shower Gel Use for a perfumed foamy bath or maybe a really bubbly spa.  Apply with loofah or sponge under shower. Feels and smells fabulous. 275ml

Lavender Massage Oil - Increase your sense of well being with a soothing lavender massage. Our oil is made with the finest grade sweet almond oil and English lavender essential oil. 100ml

Lavender Scent Block - Designed to allow the beautiful blend of scents to enhance your surroundings. The Scent Block, can be used in cupboards, wardrobes or car. (Your choice of Lavender; Rose Geranium/Lavender; or Lime/Lavender)



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