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Cooking with Lavender

Cooking with Lavender

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Cooking with Lavender includes: 

Lyndoch Lavender Farm Cookbook - add a new dimension to your cooking creations. What ever the occasion, Jill Allanson's cookbook divided into categories such as Breakfast, Morning Tea, Family Meals, Special Occasions, Barbeque, Picnic and Odds and Sods is a fabulous guide to how to use lavender in your cooking.

Lavender Tea - Culinary Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) is a fabulous way to add a unique flavour to your cooking/baking. Of course you can also just use it as a refreshing, relaxing beverage as well.  (15g)

Pure Cotton Herb Print Tea Towel -  A pretty addition to your Tea Towel Collection. 50x70cm


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