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Fully Fragrant Gift Bag

Fully Fragrant Gift Bag

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Fully Fragrant Gift Bag


Fully Fragrant - A beautiful selection of fragrant products for any room in the house,  which includes: 

Lavender Air Freshener -  A long lasting lavender fresh perfume to eliminate odours or impart a fresh, clean fragrance in the air. Useful in cars as well as the home or office.  (100ml)

Oil Burner - Light Blue or Light Brown - which one suits your decor? Perfect to use with our homemade melts or an essential oil or fragrance oil.. 

Lavender Fragrant Oil- Simply drop some drops of our fragrant oil into water into the top of an oil burner and relax as the fragrance gently diffuses through your home 

Lavender Pillar Candle - Burn these candles to create a romantic atmosphere with a subtle relaxing scent of lavender in the air.  (10cm)

Lavender Linen Spray - Spray your pillow, sheets, curtains, linen cupboard for a beautiful perfume (275ml)

Packaged and ready to be sent to you - or as a gift for someone special


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